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  • Mon, 19:25: 2012 is shaping up to be a really good year for new music. And just two weeks to the release of the @milogreene album too...
  • Mon, 19:41: Ah, Bentham is on duty. A neatly laid out little gift of a mouse in the office door, minus his favourite bit. A cat with definite utility.
  • Mon, 20:03: I suggested that Windows 8 could sell for �35. With upgrade pricing at $39.99, could there be more to my speculations?
  • Mon, 20:04: Also kudos for Microsoft for making Media Center a free add-on for Windows 8 Pro.
  • Mon, 20:15: RT @joe_elway: Seems to me that MSFT is putting more emphasis on app sales than OS margin #Windows8
  • Mon, 20:24: So BT Infinity for us was December 2011, then March 2012, then July 2012. Now it's October. It's Infinity alright - it's receding into it.
  • Mon, 20:25: RT @marypcbuk: estimated date for our fibre connection is like a download progress bar; keeps getting further into the future & slow ...
  • Mon, 20:28: RT @ReckenRoll: At GA, if your PC is running WinXP, Vista, or Win7 u will qualify to download an upgrade to Win8Pro for just $39.99! htt ...
  • Mon, 20:47: Sunset Gull
  • Mon, 20:50: So the Weather Channel has bought the Weather Underground. Will Fox News accuse them of consorting with domestic terrorists?
  • Mon, 20:54: RT @marypcbuk: Ford's vision for the connected car Turning your car into an ultra-smart smartphone accessory & keeping you safe http ...
  • Tue, 10:35: Come to a conclusion about Florence's lyrical obsession with horses. The Machine is The Magic Roundabout. And she is THE Florence.
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