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  • Thu, 13:46: Landed in a humid London. Ah, home.
  • Thu, 14:09: RT @chrisgreen: France will switch off its pioneering Minitel viewdata service on Saturday, the end of an amazing era in home computing ...
  • Thu, 14:11: RT @edbott: No, yesterday wasn't the date from the Delorean dashboard in Back to the Future. You have to wait till October 21, 2015 http ...
  • Thu, 19:49: Things not to do when jetlagged: switch disk modes on your desktop PC from IDE to AHCI.
  • Thu, 20:33: Struggling to understand BA's latest adverts. They seem to say "Don't fly us", which is a little odd for an airline.
  • Fri, 00:08: ZDNet UK blog post: Would you still want a Lumia 900? Roadtrip report #zdnetuk
  • Fri, 10:44: Surprisingly human this morning.
  • Fri, 10:58: Today's plan entails reading the SF novel I have to review. Don't throw me in to the briar patch, Br'er Fox.
  • Fri, 11:19: Right, all social networking now switched back to BST. That WAS a long trip...
  • Fri, 11:25: @JonCG_novelist Congrats!
  • Fri, 11:52: Copying nearly 30GB of pictures from my laptop to the server. Think I took a few photos in the US...
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