Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
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  • Mon, 00:35: A pity Scotland never looked like Brave. Apart from that, a reasonable Pixar Miyazaki homage. McMononoke Hime?
  • Mon, 04:32: Forgot to note amusement at the deep geekiness of the Harry Potter zone at Universal, where I discussed GWR classes with the Hogwarts driver
  • Mon, 04:33: I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at the level of misogyny online, but I do keep hoping it gets better. Sad to be proven wrong yet again.
  • Mon, 04:37: Recent Rereads: The Peace War. Vernor Vinge flirts with Singularity as he bobbles the past in a one way trip to tomorrow. Fascinating stuff.
  • Mon, 04:40: Actually, after seeing what I saw on the freeway the other day, I wonder why I have any faith in humanity. Cruel and, dare I say, inhumane.
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