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  • Wed, 17:35: Windows wins another piece of Microsoft. Windows Phone 8 is the NT kernel. Who knew DEC would go so far :-)
  • Wed, 18:08: Microsoft launches Windows Phone 8. Here's my ZDNet UK story on the launch.
  • Wed, 18:14: Ah, that's good. WP8 device PIN is separate from the wallet PIN.
  • Wed, 18:21: My gut feel is that the real big win in WP8 as a platform is WDDM.
  • Wed, 18:25: Now this is interesting. .NET code in the WP8 Marketplace is pre-compiled in the cloud before delivery. First real world use of Roslyn?
  • Wed, 18:34: Open source on WP8: SQLite has been ported.
  • Wed, 18:39: Microsoft is opening up the WP8 speech platform to all apps.
  • Wed, 18:42: Hah! In the Audible WP8, search for "Apollo". The result? "Failure is not an option".
  • Wed, 18:44: RT @johncoxon: The Sales Equation (I think it should be named for @iansales) is a bit like the Drake Equation but for sensawunda. http:/ ...
  • Wed, 18:46: App development on WP8 diverges from WP7.5. Silverlight moves aside for XAML/C#. But you can still build for 7.5 in VS2012.
  • Wed, 18:56: RT @BenThePCGuy: New @windowsphone kit coming from @HTC, @Nokia, @Samsung_tweets and Huwawei. 50 languages, apps in 180 countries. #wps ...
  • Wed, 18:56: Terry Myerson: a new upgrade path that puts phone users first. OTA updates, 18 months support, enthusiast programme for early access.
  • Wed, 20:42: The more I think about, the more I realise just how important WDDM in WP8 is. It's a route to bypassing carrier control over OS updates.
  • Wed, 22:45: RT @scottgu: I'm in the UK and will be speaking tomorrow night in Cambridge. We just opened up a few more spaces:
  • Thu, 00:55: Time to sit at Samovar and write up some more thoughts from the WP8 event. Lots to consider.
  • Thu, 01:11: Little bird twittering away. I'm sure that's more than 140 characters now.
  • Thu, 01:17: RT @bryan_gb: Don't anthropomorphise inanimate objects. They hate it when you do that.
  • Thu, 02:02: RT @marypcbuk: Next-generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi gives tablets faster connections, longer battery life but businesses need to plan ahead ht ...
  • Thu, 02:06: Cliched Instagram: that weird looking San Francisco skyscraper, shooting into the sun @ Yerba Buena Gardens
  • Thu, 06:00: Oooh, We have an Amazon sales rank. I guess that means someone has bought our book.
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