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  • Sun, 00:58: captured a panorama at Sandpiper Inn with #Photosynth
  • Sun, 03:44: My god, it's full of stars. No, not a monolith - but the skies above the Gulf of Mexico tonight. Pure starlight, all the way to the horizon.
  • Sun, 04:02: Have realised the wisdom in plastic toy turtles where turtle eggs are buried. Will train the crows that baby turtles are hard and inedible.
  • Sun, 05:15: It occurs to me that with ACPI power switches on modern PCs, there's no need for shutdown menu items any more. Just press that power button.
  • Sun, 05:16: Which of course explains why Windows 8 deprecates the old Windows power controls. They're just not needed when the hardware does the job.
  • Sun, 05:18: Start, now the Windows key. Stop, the power button. That simple and it just works. Dare I say Apple-like?
  • Sun, 05:48: @DrPizza So how did the wedding go? Pics or it didn't happen!
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