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  • Thu, 18:42: RT @psychemedia: Remember: treat everything you stick on the web as public. Including passwords...
  • Thu, 18:42: RT @Dr_Black: Britain still owes #Turing a great debt, let's put him on the �10 note. My piece in today's Telegraph
  • Thu, 19:56: RT @migueldeicaza: "Linus does not fare well on the desktop"
  • Thu, 20:02: So the chap in charge of Google's Windows 8 version of Chrome is the Metro Gnome. (thanks to @edbott for the pointer!)
  • Thu, 20:04: RT @Pinboard: Proud to reassure my users that Pinboard passwords are not only hashed and salted, but pan-seared and dusted with a saffro ...
  • Thu, 23:02: Scary observation of the day: When sampled down and displayed at low resolution in a screenshot, Segoe UI looks remarkably like Comic Sans.
  • Thu, 23:11: RT @getwired: OH: "Is BYOD really BYOi?"
  • Fri, 02:05: Have realised that Planetary Resources and the NRO telescopes at NASA make the perfect start to my Midden Moon story. The near and the far.
  • Fri, 02:24: Dang. No nation states have been trying to compromise my Gmail inbox. I am obviously not trying hard enough.
  • Fri, 02:44: Oh dear. Peet's have the Dark Chocolate Raspberry frozen blend thingy back on for the summer. I need to start more exercise.
  • Fri, 02:55: So who has the contract for the Windows 8 branded screen wipes? My screen is starting to look quite grubby after a week of RP...
  • Fri, 03:18: RT @RyanLowdermilk: Running Windows 8 RP? Using Skype? Install this... NOW! #Windows8 #Skype
  • Fri, 03:20: Installers that offer me toolbars. Y'know it would be nice if you left a setting in my registry that recorded my "No", so you stop trying.
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