Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

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  • Sun, 23:39: Installing Windows Server 2012 RC. Noticing a new product name in the license terms, Essentials 2012. New naming scheme for SBS on the way?
  • Mon, 03:21: Reads: Blackout. Mira Grant wraps up her zombie/political thriller trilogy in typical bloodthirsty style. Also includes zombie grizzly bear.
  • Mon, 03:22: Recent Reads: Threshold. Flint and Spoor's near-future space archaeology sage moves out into the solar system. Conspiracies and espionage.
  • Mon, 08:03: The Ones Who Walk Away From Disneyland. They cannot stop hearing the screams of The Mouse. Utopia has a flaw here too. Who needs Omelas?
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