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  • Thu, 22:10: RT @elonmusk: Dragon floating in the Pacific near California. Reentry scorch marks visible on the heat shield
  • Thu, 22:43: RT @marypcbuk: keep finding neat tricks we think are new in RP were in #windows8 CP already! Win-X working in Metro, live traffic in Bin ...
  • Thu, 22:47: Hello @rowiapp in Windows 8. Whoa! That's some big text...
  • Fri, 01:34: Sadly Xbox and Zune still not working for UK accounts in Windows 8 RP :-(
  • Fri, 02:11: Wondering how to wrap an existing strong Windows Live password with something weaker for W8 sign-in on a keyboard-only machine.
  • Fri, 02:28: Panoramic themes online for Windows 8 RP multi-mon systems as part of the Windows theme gallery...
  • Fri, 07:10: Flash in IE10 is on Windows RT as well as traditional Windows. Well that ends another #fightclub debate pretty conclusively!
  • Fri, 07:12: In the humane version of Schrodinger's Cat, food is delivered when the particle decays. Oddly when the box opens the cat is always hungry.
  • Fri, 08:18: Twitter is sending email notifications oddly out of order. Or is that order of outly odd?
  • Fri, 08:37: Metro-style Bing on my Windows 7 machine now...
  • Fri, 10:09: 2 am. Screenshot gallery to caption and then bed. Windows 8 release days are exhausting!
  • Fri, 11:32: Off to bed... Far too late...
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