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  • Wed, 21:43: So, will Romney's next app introduce Awessex and Anorthumbria? And can I write the alternate history that has Offa discovering Amercia?
  • Wed, 21:59: I think we have a new favourite Paso Winery. Red Soles is doing good things with the grape, and are nice folk to boot!
  • Wed, 22:03: Highlight of my last week: walking on Laguna Beach with Kim Stanley Robinson discussing Paleolithic Europe, poetry and California history.
  • Wed, 22:04: I'm keeping the weirdest bit of my last week secret. Mainly because it is best saved for when I am in my anecdotage and need a good story.
  • Wed, 22:16: I captured a panorama at Barefoot Coffee Campbell with #Photosynth
  • Wed, 22:37: @manan They need to go through the SkyDrive URL shortener,
  • Wed, 22:57: RT @andrewbrust: Microsoft has a new front door site site for its top dev blog posts. It's at and its' pretty sweet.
  • Wed, 22:59: RT @marypcbuk: Barista dedication! Latte art in a to go mug from #barefoot ;-)
  • Wed, 23:13: RT @marypcbuk: @getwired 'idiots& bunglers' is to the tune of 'oranges & lemons/say the bells of st clements'; crowdsourcing mor ...
  • Wed, 23:13: RT @marypcbuk: @getwired 'you promise screen inches, more gestures than pinches/but all you deliver, is drinking-game-damaged liver'
  • Wed, 23:13: RT @marypcbuk: need more verses for 'idiots & bunglers believe the fakes on the tumblrs' song for dealing w tech rumors for @getwire ...
  • Wed, 23:33: Need an Android device for application reviews, and left mine in the UK. Anyone able to loan one in Silicon Valley? #journorequest
  • Thu, 00:01: Recent Reads: The Hot Gate. A new installment in John Ringo's Schlock Mercenary prequels. Big things go fast; make other big things explode.
  • Thu, 00:21: ZDNet UK blog post: Maker in the UK #zdnetuk
  • Thu, 04:36: ZDNet UK blog post: Windows 8 Release Preview date leaked: 31st May 2012 #zdnetuk
  • Thu, 04:49: The new Rasputin second hand bookshop on Bascom has some seriously good bargains. Picked up a signed Geo Alec Effinger hardcover for $7.
  • Thu, 05:43: Stephen Colbert sings the Amercian national anthem. Now this *is* funny...
  • Thu, 05:55: Ten of the upcoming Ultrabooks are touch convertibles? Come to papa!
  • Thu, 07:01: RT @marypcbuk: Rescued a Mac with no working trackpad by plugging in a Microsoft Touch Mouse; it 'just worked' with instant cursor #success!
  • Thu, 07:05: Possibly the ultimate in personal online vanity, but I now have a custom URL shortener. Geekiness ensues.
  • Thu, 07:17: RT @libertygal72: WOW!!! RT @HawksmoorLondon: Did the Shard architects plan this for hazy,sunny mornings? If so they are geniuses. http ...
  • Thu, 07:56: @Rcharney The upcoming Intel chipsets use a new manufacturing process that means they are lower power - so much longer battery life.
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