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Meme attack

Another fun one, this time spotted in ang_grrr's and dmw's blogs:
  • What do you do to make money: tell people how to build big web applications (these days I tend to focus on channels and web services). I also write about distributed computing and think about the interactions between services and UI.
  • Do you like it: yes
  • Look to your left: Mary's desk and computers, futon covered in pillows, various phones and smartphones, a Wild Thing, a Soup Dragon, large plush Cthulu, window, tree, a grey cat, the sky over the river Thames, a wood pigeon, a parrot flying past.
  • Look to your right: bookcase of O'Reilly books, smartphone, pens and pencils, lava lamp, plush Cthulu being charged by Stikfas knight in armour, pile of CDs I just ripped, box of tools, stopped clock, CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, headphones, hard disks, three servers, Star Wars Lego, boxes of software.
  • Which book has changed the way you live: tricky to answer: Understanding Comics - Scott McCloud; Godel, Escher Bach - Douglas Hofstadter, Red Planet - Robert Heinlein.
  • Have you ever left someone you loved: yes
  • Has someone you loved ever left you: yes (the same person for both questions)
  • The president has asked to see you, what do you say to him: "So, about this Kyoto thing..."
  • A beautiful woman/man is over at your apartment, what music do you put on: ambient probably, minimalist 20th century possibly.
  • What is your favorite poster/artwork in your apt/house: my collection of original Jim Burns art
  • Behind your back people call you: geek, nerd, techie.
  • Had you an army, which country would you invade: Guernsey.
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