Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

(Almost) Total Eclipse.

If you're going to watch an eclipse, and you can't get to the point of totality, then there's not many places better than Maker Faire. With so many geeks to hand you know there's going to be lots of different ways to see the return of Fenrir...

And so we saw the 2012 annular eclipse (or around 89.5% of it) through dark film eclipse viewers, through hacked pinhole cameras (ours was aptly made from a Geek Dad postcard flyer), through mylar film, through a solar telescope (complete with sunspots!), and of course, cast in shadows from hands, hats, and trees.

Enter Fenrir
Through dark film

Eclipse Of The Hand
In the shadow of marypcb's hand

The Pink Sun
Through a pinhole in a business card

Moon shadow
In the shadow of a tree

As close as it gets...
Through mylar film

All in all, an awesome eclipse. And made the more so by sharing it with thousands of people enjoying it as much as we were.
Tags: eclipse, flickr, photography
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