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  • Wed, 21:27: Learned today that the driving motivation for locust swarms is "cant stop now, other locusts will eat me". There's a SyFy movie in that.
  • Wed, 21:28: Hmmm. I can see it now: "Roger Corman's PiranhaLocust".
  • Wed, 22:16: RT @timanderson: NVIDIA GK110 GPU has 7.1 billion transistors. A 10-core Intel Xeon has a mere 2.6bn. #gtc12
  • Wed, 23:08: @MaxTB The weather's lovely! Also it's Maker Faire this weekend...
  • Thu, 01:07: Hadn't realised that there's a partial solar eclipse in the Bay Area on Sunday. Something to remember 6ish Sunday evening.
  • Thu, 01:31: Welcome to the all-day sip-n-hover - hummingbird drinking from a fountain while still in flight.
  • Thu, 02:07: At ZDNet UK, my overage of the Kepler GPU launch at #gtc12: One serious bit of silicon, over 7 billion transistors!
  • Thu, 08:35: Today I had a 3D image made of my face using a light-field camera. Now that was impressive, not like the focus-shifting toys...
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