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  • Sun, 19:37: Was going to suggest to US friends meeting for brunch. Good job I read Twitter first. Guys, can't you have Mother's Day on the right date?
  • Sun, 21:35: A cottonwood day. It's like it's snowing in summer.
  • Sun, 22:20: RT @littlecalculist: "Since FORTRAN should virtually eliminate coding and debugging…" — Specifications for IBM FORTRAN, 1954 ...
  • Mon, 08:35: The feeling you get on step 21 of a 22 step code tutorial when you realise you have chosen the wrong name for the app, and have to rewrite.
  • Mon, 08:48: You know this is going to happen very soon. Perhaps it has already happened. Welcome to the Kickstarter Zone.
  • Mon, 08:51: You know the economy is bad when the "salary" offered by work-from-home spammers drops from $2000/week to $500/week. Gullibility is cheap.
  • Mon, 08:54: Have a Monday morning hummingbird.
  • Mon, 09:47: ZDNet UK blog post: Things Google is bad at: running a company #zdnetuk
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