Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Steam Engine Time

Spring is here, and that means many more mainline steam excursions powering down the line from Victoria to all points west. Today was a special treat, as the recently re-certified for mainline running BR Standard Class 7 No 70000 Britannia was hauling The Cathedrals Express to Bath.

The weather was good too, with the April showers holding off for a while. The book is in, I'd just finished a big feature, and I had a little time spare - so I grabbed my camera and walked down to the footbridge at the end of the street. I wasn't the only one there - a young family had come along to see the steam trains too, wanting to see Thomas go past. Britannia's a bit bigger than Thomas The Tank Engine, but it was good to see children wanting to see history go past in a cloud of steam and smoke.

With a whistle from Wandsworth, and a cloud of steam over the Wandle bridges, Britannia came round the curve into the Putney cutting...

Curving, Steaming

Britannia into the cuttings

Head On Britannia

Another whistle blast as the special rushed through Putney station and then silence. Just the gentle rumble of a 747 heading into Heathrow, and the rattle of a Wimbledon-bound tube.

Putney, London
April 2012
Tags: flickr, photography, steam engine
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