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  • Wed, 12:02: Tried the Bing Desktop app. It didn't stay long - no option to minimise to the system tray. Background tools should stay off my task bar.
  • Wed, 12:19: Recent Reads: Galactic North.Alastair Reynold's selection of short fciction from his Revelation Space universe. Dark deeds in dark places.
  • Wed, 12:40: At my lowest weight for a decade. Time to set a new target and add some anerobic exercise. Next stop 80kg.
  • Wed, 13:37: Trying to track down photomicrographs of Cortex ARM processors. Nothing on Qualcomm's or Samsung's sites... Not even a die shot...
  • Wed, 14:22: MEC 2012 is in my favourite weird Orlando hotel. Think we will have to go to get schooled up in Office 15...
  • Wed, 14:49: Really appreciating the combination of Skype and Pamela with this series of interviews on Azure.
  • Wed, 16:08: In MetroTwit, is there any way of hiding the text entry box? It's just that little too big for my liking.
  • Wed, 18:13: I have commited the ultimate Active Directory sin. I have a VM domain called test.local.
  • Wed, 18:14: @drpizza I hasten to add that it's just for a screenshot. I'm not ready to update my actual AD schema to Windows 8 yet...
  • Wed, 18:28: Still haven't quite got my head around the fact that I can have Hyper-V on a laptop on a Windows 8 machine. So wrong, yet so right.
  • Wed, 19:08: System Center 2012 in MSDN now.
  • Wed, 20:17: Realised that the death of the printer means that I can uninstall that vile combined printer-scanner network software from my PCs. Yay!
  • Wed, 21:16: Doh. Server will not boot with a USB stick left in...
  • Wed, 22:28: You hall a taxi (or in London a cab), grab a taxi, or call one...
  • Wed, 22:30: Thos Google Glasses in the video? Design fictions. "We took a few design photos to show what this technology could look like."
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