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  • Fri, 13:45: @the_pc_doc So now you can just ask Siri to find him :-)
  • Fri, 16:38: RT @tomwarren: Rovio CEO states Angry Birds Space IS coming to Windows Phone
  • Fri, 17:17: @billcox But Piiiigs Innnn Spaaaace! had Miss Piggy. What more could you want? #wp7 for Muppet lovers! @Microsoft @windowsphone
  • Fri, 17:25: Walked down the road to the corner shop. Trees budding, liquid songs of blackbirds, the last of the cherry blossom drifting. Must be spring
  • Fri, 18:17: Trying to understand programming the new automatic cat feeder. I think I'll stick to trying to learn new programming languages, like Dash.
  • Fri, 18:25: BlackBerry 10 Developer Devices arriving at the BlackBerry 10 Jam event in May...
  • Fri, 18:31: RT @asaunders: tip @techmeme Join us at BlackBerry 10 Jam for hands-on time with BlackBerry 10 tools and via @blac ...
  • Fri, 18:39: RT @joshacagan: Hoodies get you shot. Short skirts get you raped. No wonder people in the future always wear jumpsuits.
  • Fri, 21:16: RT @jaggeree: The "Why aren't there more women in tech?" discussion needs a pivot to "Why are there so many misogynists in tech?" then w ...
  • Fri, 22:31: A delightfully folky selection for tonight's writing soundtrack. Oysterband and The Civil Wars. Barton Hollow is delightfully sparse.
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