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  • Wed, 12:38: RT @mminasi: Remember in college ending fortune cookies with "... In bed?" nowadays, just end any IT slogan with " the cloud.". Wor ...
  • Wed, 12:58: By @marypcbuk Robots Around the House : Robots in the Home
  • Wed, 15:32: Fiat Lux! I am electricity's master again! Up the ladder to replace the pendant light fitting in the hall, isolating the correct breaker...
  • Wed, 15:35: Recent Reads: In The Cavern Of Night. William Barton tales wrap When We Were Real. An existentialist darkness, ending in ruins. Excellent.
  • Wed, 18:16: Finally solved my iTunes problem. There's a "Manually manage music and videos" tickbox. Tick that, and you can sort your device view.
  • Wed, 19:00: @nigelwUK In Weather open the Activities bar. Choose Places. Add a place, then select to pin.
  • Wed, 21:35: So this #TheApprentice thing? How long are they indentured for, and to which guilds? And who's #TheJourneyman or #TheMaster? #FeudalTV
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