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  • Sun, 12:25: Mmm. The Heston Earl Grey hot cross buns from Waitrose are really rather good. No, wait. They're mine I say, all mine!
  • Sun, 12:49: CGI animations based on the Terran Trade Authority books from the early 1980s. British SF art in 3D.
  • Sun, 13:10: @Eaterofsun It was one of the Angus McVicar Super Nova space lifeboat novels. Super Nova and The Frozen Man. @ChrisBulow @journoian
  • Sun, 20:05: RT @Codepope: So the UK government cares not two shits about personal data privacy or security - - colour me unsurp ...
  • Sun, 22:58: Amused to see the suggestion that Apple buys Samsung. Samsung's annual revenue is $220B, with $347B assets. That's one big company.
  • Sun, 23:09: Scary big numbers: If Samsung was a country, it would be the world's 35th largest economy.
  • Sun, 23:14: Repost: 8 years ago. A screen cap from a Palm Treo of the conversation @marypcbuk and I had where she proposed to me.
  • Mon, 10:24: Steady stream of 747s in a clear blue sky. A Laurie Anderson kind of day: Here come the planes, They're American planes. Made in America.
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