Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

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  • Пн, 15:11: In to the fray. CES Day 0 and it's press conferences back to back all day. Cold pot stickers for breakfast...
  • Пн, 22:45: Back from the Cosmopolitan to the surprisingly convivial and extremely international queue for the Nokia press conference. #CES
  • Пн, 22:49: Most of my Twitter list seems to be here in the Nokia press conference. Hello all! #CES
  • Пн, 23:05: Nokia talking about a war of ecosystems, and the new Windows Phone devices launched at Nokia World in London...
  • Пн, 23:07: "Lumia is a series of beachheads in the War of Ecosystems" @selop at CES
  • Пн, 23:17: Tango video conferencing built-into the Nokia Lumia 900. #nokia #CES
  • Пн, 23:37: Nokia sounding very credible at CES, seeming more confident than at Nokia World.
  • Вт, 00:49: In the line for the final BallmerNote. Convivial crowd. #ces
  • Вт, 01:26: Queuing for the CES 2012 BallmerNote...
  • Вт, 09:43: ZDNet UK blog post: CES 2012 - The End of an era, Microsoft's final keynote. #zdnetuk
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