Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Steaming Through

After yesterday's foul weather, today was clear and cold. Ideal weather for a little photography, and as luck would have it UK Steam Info showed that a mainline steam excursion was going to be passing through Putney at lunch time.

So I wandered out to the footbridge down the road (actually, more hobbled and limped as I'm still recovering from dislocating my knee in a nasty fall a couple of weeks back) and waited for the Orient Express to come down the line from Clapham. It was a little late, and as I waited I got to see a Windhoff MPV running as a de-icing train at work, spraying the tracks up the line to London. It's not often we see modern plant at work on our line in the middle of the commuting day.

De-icing The Lines

But then in the distance came a whistle, and the distinctive sound of a steam locomotive. In the cold, crisp air the steam rose higher than usual, filling the Putney Station cutting as the Clan Line came round the curve from Wandsworth pulling a rake of Orient Express Pullman carriages full of business folk on a lunchtime corporate jolly...

Full steam ahead

Clan Line is temporarily running as Belgian Marine, hence the change in number from my photograph of one its the summer runs through Putney.

Clan Line in Putney

And in a cloud of steam and smoke it was gone, racing through the station and heading on out towards Windsor.

Time Travelled

Black and white seemed appropriate...

Putney, London
December 2011
Tags: flickr, photography, steam engine, trains
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