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On frying eggs

I've fried eggs for a long time now. I can't remember the first time I cracked one into a frying pan...

It's always been the same, a little oil, a reasonable heat, and cook the eggs as quickly as possible, splashing on oil to cook the top of the egg. It's real fast food, and well, cooking them that way has always worked. But today I tried something different, slowly heating a tiny drop of olive oil in a heavy pan before cracking in the eggs and cooking them slowly at the same low heat. There's no need to flip hot oil onto the egg, just letting it cook.

The result?

A nicely crispy base, good solid whites, and a yolk with just the right consistency to be spread on toast. Possibly the best eggs I've ever made.

I think I may well have found a new technique. I just need to repeat the process a few times to ensure that it's the same every time.

Here's to trying something new!
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