Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Мои твиты

  • Сб, 09:02: Running late for #windowsphonecamp due to signal failure at East Putney... Trekked to mainline station to try alternate London Bridge route.
  • Сб, 10:19: Made it in to #wp7camp. No thanks to TFL, though...
  • Сб, 11:30: In the bowels (or should that be "bowler"?) of LBi for #wp7camp. All that bare ducting takes me back to my Scient London days.
  • Сб, 11:31: RT @vickeegan: Compared pic ff the iPhone 4S with Nokia Lumia and 40 other phones from the same place. Quite a reve ...
  • Сб, 11:32: So, finally started on my LibraryThing #wp7 application. Using Nuget in anger for the first time. Another geekish leveling-up.
  • Сб, 12:01: Y'know, David Holmes makes a great soundtrack for coding. Especially the music from the Clooney Ocean's movies...
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