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  • Sun, 15:25: Awake... so doing some writing to the sound of the morning helicopters...
  • Sun, 17:09: You can tell there was a big boxing match in Vegas last night. This morning it's the constant thunder of executive jets leaving.
  • Sun, 17:25: Through the gold window @ Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
  • Sun, 17:32: Driving past the Vegas sign last night, saw a wedding going on. White wedding miniskirt, Elvis officiating. Taste is officially dead.
  • Sun, 19:38: Chatting to my PR contact in the press room at CA World when two birds flew over his head. Most peculiar.
  • Sun, 19:40: Just what is "business casual"? I tend to think of it as the dot com uniform of chinos and a shirt, but it seems to vary wildly...
  • Sun, 19:59: Had a narrow escape when I left my #wp7 phone in a Las Vegas restaurant last night. Who would have fed my Kinectimals kitten?
  • Sun, 20:33: Interesting concept in a conversation with Nimsoft's @chris_t_omalley, on breaking down IT between chore and core. Makes a lot of sense.
  • Sun, 21:53: Taking a walk down to see the conservatory at the Bellagio.
  • Sun, 22:32: Wild horses wouldn't drag me...
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