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  • Чт, 12:36: So today is the penultimate date this century that could be mistaken for a binary number. Tomorrow is the last. #geekaversaries
  • Чт, 13:37: Curious Of All Natures
  • Чт, 13:54: RT @AquilaRift: Proof reading would be a lot more fun if it involved peering closely at whisky labels.
  • Чт, 14:49: Really liking the fact that our old Media Center remote works well as a controller for the XBox. Easier than using a gamepad for video!
  • Чт, 14:54: RT @ubelly: The differences between IE9 on the desktop and IE9 on Windows Phone #WP7 #IE
  • Чт, 14:56: RT @brendacooper: NYTimes: Are We a Democracy? An essay that taught me a new word. Multarchy. Interesting way to frame governance. ht ...
  • Чт, 22:35: Choices: Kill the Dead or Children of the Sky. Constant Reader has dilemmas when faced with two awaited books.
  • Чт, 23:17: So is the FGTH "The Young Person's Guide to the 12" Mix" version of Rage Hard the best thing ZTT ever did? I'm starting to think it was.
  • Пт, 10:56: So are there kits to hook a non-HDMI Xbox 360 to a HDMI screen? My Google-fu is failing me. As is my Bing-fu. And my Amazon-fu.
  • Пт, 11:24: Online check-in done for tomorrow's @virginatlantic flight to Las Vegas...
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