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  • Ср, 13:00: Err, guys? Flash isn't dead, it's just being packaged differently. You know, like renaming Marathon as Snickers. Just call it AIR now.
  • Ср, 13:02: Drilling down into Azul's Zing JVM. A lot of good stuff there, especially for anyone running large scale Java application servers.
  • Ср, 13:06: Ooooh. New Eno EP coimng. The Panic Of Looking.
  • Ср, 13:07: Robot locked in lounge, slaving away for the good of humanity. Three laws good!
  • Ср, 14:42: Right, that's today's dose of writing about Java done and dusted. Now to concentrate on JavaScript and Dart.
  • Ср, 14:43: Amused to hear from @marypcbuk that there are recruitment agencies asking for developers with 5 years Dart experience already...
  • Ср, 14:43: ZDNet UK blog post: Azul Zing: moving its JVM from silicon to software. #zdnetuk
  • Ср, 17:38: A switch to mobile AIR will help Flash developers, who will no longer be constrained by browser APIs and restrictive security sandboxes.
  • Ср, 17:41: RT @UnlikelyWorlds: Building-sized boulders in impact-melt flow, Klute-W Crater, the moon: <- Beautiful images
  • Ср, 19:00: Contrarian blog post on mobile Flash now up on ZDNet UK. Mobile Flash isn;t dead, just moved house.
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