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  • Вт, 13:40: Writing a column about a summer spent in an imaginary world, and the technologies that built it. Fun to do...
  • Вт, 14:37: RT @timoreilly: Thinking that the way twitter implemented is a real drag. Slows down links, breaks the internet in a way other link ...
  • Вт, 14:38: Tweaking the way the central heating runs. Three short bursts to keep up temperature while using less fuel is the current plan.
  • Вт, 14:46: Have finally got a bunch of Outlook 2010 Quick Steps set up to handle common mail filing tasks. Keeps me closer to #inboxzero.
  • Вт, 16:22: November Roses @ Oakhill Road
  • Вт, 17:50: RT @bennuk: Ah, so THIS is a Twittersphere... #demofest2011
  • Вт, 17:51: Interesting to re-read A Fire Upon The Deep in a world of multi-core computing. The Tines are a parallel computing primer. A book for devs?
  • Вт, 17:56: Thought from rereading The Blabber: Mr Tines must be Peregrine. He has to be a pilgrim to integrate Blab into his consciousness so quickly.
  • Вт, 18:02: Reposting as ZDNet UK had an outage yesterday: my first look at BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Office 365 -
  • Вт, 18:54: I suspect my goddaughter will grow up to be a geek. At 18 months old her favourite new toy is a Geekfest duck from #bldwin
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