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Мои твиты

  • Чт, 14:14: Checked in for my flight to Jersey tomorrow. Window seat even though the weather looks as though it'll be pretty bad...
  • Чт, 15:15: Ah, the longevity of oolong. Third steep on this tea bag and it's still good. Tea of the day: rose oolong.
  • Чт, 15:45: Moving BES cloud provisioning from my old Bold to a new Bold. Hmm. Does that make me an old Bold pilot, eh?
  • Чт, 17:40: Flying to Vegas with @virginatlantic next week, so looking forward to the new food service.
  • Пт, 10:40: Ah, Gatport Airwick...
  • Пт, 10:51: New Gatwick security area swish...
  • Пт, 12:16: On the plane to Jersey... @flybe at the pokey end of Gatwick.