Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

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  • Чт, 15:26: Good to see @daveon and the Viafo team made it to the finals of the #nokiaworld Hackathon...
  • Чт, 16:09: ZDNet UK blog post: Nokia Lumia is pitch perfect for 20 somethings #zdnetuk
  • Чт, 16:16: Cranes @ ExCeL London
  • Чт, 16:52: Hanging out with @daveon and the Viafo guys post #nokiaworld.
  • Чт, 19:01: Methinks the definition of "central" Putney is being somewhat stretched.
  • Чт, 20:15: Media Center PC dead, so have hooked up XBox to the Naim/Linn and a decent monitor. Awesome sound and video. Do I need to go back?
  • Чт, 20:19: Recommendations for an XBox-friendly media server for Windows Server?
  • Чт, 20:46: Thinking I might just move *all* the media to the Home Server. I could put a new Home Server VM on the main box and mount the video drive...
  • Пт, 12:01: Tweaking my Office365 via remote PowerShell. Surprisingly easy once I'd installed the sign-in assistant.
  • Пт, 13:53: Dear web. If I click the big X on your "like on Facebook" or "install app" popover that means I don't want to see it again. No love, me.
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