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  • Mon, 16:53: Have discovered my new favourite war, The Pig War. Twleve years long, no deaths (apart from the pig), and more parties than shots fired.
  • Mon, 18:19: Sat on a deck looking out over the Haro Strait, writing another Windows 8 feature. Two more this week when this one is done!
  • Mon, 18:40: My New Favourite War
  • Mon, 19:04: Conan The Associate Professor.
  • Mon, 19:35: This Apple/Samsung spat is getting silly. Much easier to let the devices compete on their merits in the market.
  • Tue, 01:49: RT @DavidBrin1: When the state has a monopoly on cameras, it can use them as it wishes. But, when cameras are distrubuted... ...
  • Tue, 01:58: A sudden *slap* across the still waters as a seal leaps after a fish, bellyfloppying into the water.
  • Tue, 02:14: Porpoises, harbour seals and bald eagles. No orca so far...
  • Tue, 02:29: Quote of the day: Would you please stop pressing that duck? - @marypcbuk
  • Tue, 02:30: There are a three Canadian mountains doing a perfect alpha blend.
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