Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

My tweets

  • Sun, 03:18: Hello Anaheim. THat was an intense few days.
  • Sun, 04:38: ZDNet UK blog post: Cloud fixes on-premise servers too #zdnetuk
  • Sun, 06:41: Flight from SEA to LAX was going to be full, so we moved to an earlier one. Nerdbird for sure!
  • Sun, 06:47: Recent Reads: The Last Coin. James Blaylock's gonzo Long Beach fantasy unveils the secret history of Judas' coins and the wandering Jew.
  • Sun, 07:18: Recent Reads: Black Hills. Dan Simmon's sweeps history and the fantastic together in a magical realist South Dakota. Numinous animism.
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