Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
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  • Wed, 12:32: Desmtop monitor hooked up to laptop. Can't work out why I have to use VGA and not HDMI though. Confusing.
  • Wed, 15:57: In the pipe
  • Wed, 16:03: Evidence of Autumn
  • Wed, 16:16: Didn't think the day could get much worse - until I discovered I'd lost my wedding ring! Luckily it turned up...
  • Wed, 17:08: Dear other journalist. If you have reviewed a laptop, do not send it back with a password. I will be annoyed when I get it. No love, me.
  • Wed, 17:09: Also, do not make that password your company name. Or we will be able to guess who is who to blame.
  • Wed, 18:51: @nifs Am hoping for good ones at BUILD, MAX and Blackberry Devcon :-)
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