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  • Tue, 12:25: So what would you buy rather than a Touchpad? #IfIHad89QuidSpare
  • Tue, 12:54: RT @chrisgreen: @journoian @sbisson - Here's the link to the Citroen blog post I've done. Please retweet if you can:
  • Tue, 13:00: Recent Reads: Shades Of Dark. Linnea Sinclair's SF romance series grows in interesting directions. Space soap opera: bad telepath, no nooky!
  • Tue, 13:06: Following a tip from @marypcbuk have set up a account to handle auto scraping of links from my Twitter and Facebook. Useful tool!
  • Tue, 13:52: @PaulieA @marypcbuk What we need are those stickers that @office was going to do, wiggly red, green and blue lines for the real world.
  • Tue, 16:07: Trontastic stuff: (via @marypcbuk)
  • Tue, 17:26: Have realised that NUI is about hybrid UIs - as many interaction methods as possible to meet all needs. Devices need to be adaptable.
  • Tue, 18:19: Amused to see that Samsung's defense against Apple includes scenres from 2001. Wonder what other SF could be tablet prior art?
  • Tue, 18:55: Hmm. Earthquake in DC, Ohio, and NYC. New Madrid?
  • Tue, 19:08: For folk interested, it turns out that the area of Virginia is a known seismic zone:
  • Tue, 20:37: Trying to decide a migration method for Exchange to Office 365. Looks like I need to do a cutover and move to the cloud completely.
  • Wed, 02:33: Today's thought. Apps are good on phones, not so much on tablets. Just give me email, a browser and a good RSS reader (and maybe Twitter).
  • Wed, 03:26: Nearly 3.30 am and I'm still working on this WebGL feature. Mind you, I do have a spinning 3D cube in my browser. Too old for all nighters.
  • Wed, 03:31: @getwired @GrumpusNation Not entirely coherent thoughts considering the time it is!
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