Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Bittern comes to (Wandsworth) Town

It's Tuesday, it's August, and that means it's time for more steam photography as another Dorset Coast Express makes its weekly way out of Victoria and down to Weymouth.

Today we had a special guest locomotive on the line, in the shape of a Gresley A4 Pacific, LNER No. 4464 Bittern, in all its streamlined glory. Painted up as No. 4492 Dominion Of New Zealand, Bittern is currently a glorious blue, with red wheels - a fine specimen of a preserved locomotive, if not entirely the right type for the old Southern Railway.

9 am and I was on the old footbridge over the Putney cutting. I wasn't the only photographer there today, and as commuters wandered past we both set up ready for the train to arrive. 9.06 and we could here the sound of approaching steam, as Bittern pulled around the corner from Wandsworth Town and into the cutting.

LNER on Southern

Bittern enters the cutting, with a relatively short rake of coaches.

Head On Bittern

There's nothing quite like the streamlined curves of a Gresley A4.

Bittern At Speed

And with a roar it rushed under the footbridge and off through the station.

Through The Station

And then the train was gone.

Tomorrow there's an additional steam service, with the recently built Peppercorn Tornado. I'm looking forward to that!
Tags: putney, rail, steam trains
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