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  • Mon, 12:44: So how will HTC and Samsung react to Google buying Motorola Mobility? Shaping up to be an interesting Monday...
  • Mon, 13:10: Enjoying @marypcbuk's cold-brewed ice coffee. Worked really well for using up old hotel filter packs!
  • Mon, 14:19: Listening to the Google/Motorola conference call, it's definitely all about the patents. So will Google indemnify partners as a result?
  • Mon, 15:30: What if Android is only the smallest part of the Google/Motorola deal? The big win for Google is a huge TV platform for advertising.
  • Mon, 15:40: RT @dhmorton: On a cheerier note: 'google motorola mobility' is an anagram of 'Gloomier boat to gloomily'.
  • Mon, 15:50: ZDNet UK blog post: Google and Motorola Mobility: it's not just the phones #zdnetuk
  • Mon, 19:15: Have installed Spotify on the Media Center PC, so now playing Glee soundtracks through the Naim/Linn combo. Bathos much?
  • Mon, 19:20: @edbott @maryjofoley Would love to be listening in to Andy Lees phone today: "Hello, is that you Peter?"
  • Mon, 19:39: Google/Motorola - what it means for Google TV and WebM Tip @techmeme
  • Mon, 20:16: RT @andrewbrust: Looks like @BuildWindows8 is a good follow.
  • Mon, 20:16: RT @maryjofoley: Just like with Win 7, MS blogging about the engineering process with Win 8. Lots of words, not much info yet: http://t. ...
  • Mon, 20:30: Added the @BuildWindows8 feed to my RSS sync. Interesting first post from Steven Sinofsky. Should be more interesting post Build.
  • Mon, 23:13: Onward, Ever Onward
  • Tue, 09:20: today's #putneysteam was Bittern (liveried as Dominion of New Zealand). Nothing like a Gresley A4 in the first thing in the morning.
  • Tue, 10:11: Damn, managed to lunch my PC. Oh well, I was thinking of going 64-bit. Might as well do it now...
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