Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

A Peloton In Putney

Yesterday what was possibly the biggest and most complex of the 2012 London Olympics test events came through Putney, in the shape of the London-Surrey Cycle Classic race.

I decided to wander down to the High Street to watch the race on its return to London.

There was a reasonable crowd around, with the whole street blocked off to allow the race to come through at speed. They'd have cycled the best part of 120km or so by the time they came back, so I was expecting a spread out field.

I was wrong.

First came the helicopters...

I Am The Eye In The Sky

Then a stream of motorbikes and cars preceded the field, rushing down the road with full blues and twos. Then came the sound of cheers from around the corner on the Upper Richmond Road, before the peloton arrived at full tilt, pouring down the rise outside Putney station.

Onward the Putney Peloton!

The peloton, still tight after 120km or so.

Keeping Up

Muscles straining the cyclists kept up their pace.


They rushed past, filling the road in a wave of bodies and bicycles.

Behind The Peloton

And then they were gone, off to the Mall and the final sprint that would separate them out.
Tags: bicycle race, london, london-surrey classic, olympics 2012, photography
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