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  • Thu, 17:41: Found a copy of Christopher Fowler's 93 novel Darkest Day. Looks like it's the first appearance of Bryant and May (as secondary characters)
  • Thu, 18:36: Intrigued by the pocket oscilloscope Maplin sent me a release about today. Nice tool for makers...
  • Thu, 19:40: Uploading some photos from our 2006 NZ trip to Flickr. Blast from the past...
  • Thu, 19:59: "When The Apple Blossoms Bloom In The Windmills Of Your Mind I'll Be Your Valentine" Ah, prog rock.
  • Thu, 20:34: The Salmon Looms
  • Thu, 21:13: If you use WIndows 7 and you're not using the Bing Maps Aerial Imagery dynamic theme, you're missing out on a treat.
  • Thu, 21:21: RT @thebeerboutique: Around more 30 beers added to the range today including nice verieties from Kernel, BrewDog, De Dolle Brouwers and ...
  • Thu, 21:42: The City and the Star
  • Fri, 10:08: Today I have been learning how to fastboot Android recovery images. Not my idea of fun, but my tablet was stuck in a reboot loop. Grrr.
  • Fri, 10:18: So not happy with Android today. That file system coprruption should not have happened, especially with user data.
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