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Scavenging the ruins

Wandsworth is a very enlightened London borough (especially considering it's run by a bunch of Tories). Not only does it run a practical and functional weekly waste recycling collection scheme, but it'll also take away your drying and dead Christmas trees and turn them into mulch for its many parks. This leads to the amusing early January sight of flocks of dejected and denuded pine trees milling around on street corners, waiting for the big green truck to come and take them off to the chipper...

Last night, as we got home from delivering of our some surplus Lego to codepope for one of his projects, we noticed someone had actually put out a fully decorated tree. And the decorations weren't too shabby - decent star baubles and a string or two of shiny beads. So we decided to liberate them and add them to the collection here. We weren't too fond of the bells, so we left them for someone else.

Thank you, anonymous decoration donors! But we still don't understand your dislike of red. Or is it that red is so not 2003's colour? Perhaps I need to go read more design magazines, and watch more Changing Rooms in order to find out...
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