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  • Thu, 12:51: @wendyg You seem to be bouncing our mail to you!
  • Thu, 13:29: Tickets booked for next US trip...
  • Thu, 13:59: RT @marypcbuk: How to get satisfaction? #Microsoft execs: paid by results (our blog on #ZDNetUK)
  • Thu, 15:18: Still waiting to here when we can pick up our wired together kitty. Six million dollar cat?
  • Thu, 16:27: Car back from MOT. Needed new exhaust - not surprising that it finally needed some work , as I've now had it 11 years...
  • Thu, 17:27: Hmmm. The OK Go Chrome experiment seems to break in Chrome Dev Channel. Oh snap.
  • Thu, 20:25: MOT, tax, insurance, parking permit. Ouch. Wonder how close the nearest Zipcars are...
  • Thu, 21:28: Aaaaah, bat time!
  • Thu, 23:14: Wondering how many times Death Cab For Cutie listened to Mike Oldfield's Crises while working on their current album...
  • Thu, 23:16: Finding Chrome's new insecure script tooling rather annoying. Understand why, but I think the web needs more education first. Even FB breaks
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