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  • Mon, 13:26: @timanderson You might be able to get it to charge with another 2A USB tablet charger. PC ports and phone chargers are 500mA or 1A.
  • Mon, 14:22: Elf needs brain badly. While I'm mobile today, not functioning very well.
  • Mon, 14:25: Recent Reads: Norse Code. Greg Van Eekhout brings Ragnarok to Santa Monica (and all points nine worlds). Valkyrie to the rescue!
  • Mon, 14:39: Spent much of my few days in bed watching episodes of Futurama, and thinking what excellent geeky SF it is.
  • Tue, 09:01: My fitbit #fitstats for 7/25/2011: 2,405 steps and 1.1 miles traveled.
  • Tue, 09:02: RT @tomwarren: OneNote for iPhone now available in UK, Canada, Australia and more!
  • Tue, 09:05: One of our cats fell out the office window last night and is now missing. Very worried, as there's still no sign of her this morning.
  • Tue, 11:09: Still no sign of the missing Pebble. Time to leaflet the neighbourhood. Worried as we found a blood trail.
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