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End of an era

Growing up a science and technology oriented kid in the 1970's it wasn't suprising that the Thursday evening showing of Tomorrow's World, the BBC's science and technology news programme, became an important part of my life. Today the BBC announced that the 38 year old programme was finally being axed...

It was originally a live programme, and became known as a place where there was a curse on demonstration equipment. Demos that worked well in rehearsal would fail during the actual broadcast - sometimes catastrophically. I'm still proud of that fact that a project I was involved in, when it was demonstrated on a live Tomorrow's World not only worked, but it actually exceeded its usage rating - quite amazingly, seeing as it was a one shot device, and they tested it in rehearsal...

It was also one of the first web sites I reviewed, on one of my first writing gigs, back in the early days of the web and the UK's first Internet magazines...
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