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Not so superfluous technology: donate to enable rural wireless networks in Laos

Danny O'Brien's Oblomovka has pointed out a worthwhile charity that needs help now to get a rural wireless network up and running in Laos before the monsoon.

The Jhai Foundation has been working with one of the original hackers, Lee Felsenstein to develop the tools needed to put five remote Laotian villages in contact with the rest of the world via wireless networks - for just $25,000. Danny's gone into a lot more detail, but this is important work

As a result of Danny's articles, I dropped them $25 via their PayPal donations page (make sure you indicate that you're donating for "Remote IT").

Why don't you do the same? And then, as Danny suggests, write about it in your blog, and let's turn this into a whole new meme - but one an awful lot more effective in the real world than all those quizzes. It'll only take a 1000 $25 dollar donations to make this project a reality...
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