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  • Mon, 13:47: If you need to find me on Google+, here's my profile:
  • Mon, 14:12: RT @marypcbuk: When is #Windows8 coming? #win8 at #WPC - the timing is right for a CTP but the audience is wrong
  • Mon, 15:10: Downloading the new versions of my favourite iPhone navigation tool, Copilot.
  • Mon, 15:20: RT @MicrosoftEMEA: Catch Steve Ballmer's live keynote from our Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 live here at 5pm BST/6PM CET http://bit ...
  • Mon, 15:25: Time for more: Sparrow spreading its wings and dropping away, leaving the tile where it's been feeding its young.
  • Mon, 15:46: Today's weird blog spam is about "carry pottys"...
  • Mon, 16:12: Lots of people in the industry have been influenced by Patty Maes' work.
  • Mon, 16:56: So hang on. Murdoch is referring Sky bid back to Competition Comission so he can *keep* Sky News? WTF?!
  • Mon, 18:48: Next Windows 8 update will be BUILD. No news from WPC11...
  • Mon, 18:48: RT @edbott: Windows fans want information about Windows 8. Windows partners want stuff they can sell this year. It's the partners' confe ...
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    Fri, 13:29: So the new router that was meant to arrive on Sunday arrived today. I have switched to it, and everything is looking good. Now to…

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    Thu, 13:15: The servers are shut down and power off. It is strangely silent. Thu, 13:54: ...and power is back. Thu, 15:24: Our…

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