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I used to have a Psion Wavefinder digital radio receiver attached to my PC. To be completely honest, I actually still have it stuck to the wall like a piece of 60s pop art, except it's now an almost orphaned product, unsupported on my current generation of hardware, and as flaky (when you can actually coax it into working) as an apple turnover on the OS I use on my main desktop PC.

Thanks to a recommendation from codepope, yesterday I took delivery of a Modular Technology PCI DAB receiver. It's an excellent widget, dropping straight into my PC and working fine with the bundled antenna - there's enough cable provided to place the antenna for optimum reception in most rooms.

The bundled software may be a little ugly, and not really designed for use on dual monitors - but it does read the BBC core EPG broadcast, and allows you to use it to set timed recordings. It'll also record straight from digital radio to MP3, ideal for sticking Late Junction on the iPod, or for capturing the next few weekends' dramatisations of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. It also appears that the third party Wavefinder applications are starting to port themselves over to the PCI receivers - there's already a beta of DABbar that allows you to stream digital radio over a small local webserver...

An excellent widget, and all the more important now there's BBC Radio 7 and 6Music...


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Jan. 3rd, 2003 07:21 am (UTC)
curiously, I am literally this minute about to cart our Wavefinder downstairs and plug it into a W2K machine (I don't dare infest my main workstation with that dreadful java software!).

I bet the sodding thing still won't pick up the BBC mux, though ... and I don't know of any PC DAB card that will work with a Mac (just keeping my options open :)
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