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  • Fri, 17:48: Spent much of yesterday evening looking at iPad art in SF. Really impressed with Magic Windows' time-lapse imagery. Beautiful photography.
  • Fri, 18:35: RT @allpointsnorth: The idea that Apple is going to give up the $22 billion Mac market because it made OSX 'a bit like' iOS really is la ...
  • Fri, 21:30: In a previous tweet I extolled the delights of an iOS app called Magic Windows. It is of course, Magic Window. Oops.
  • Fri, 21:48: Living the quanitified life: had french toast for breakfast so walked back to @tcannoy's house from Bill's while tracking on an Android app.
  • Fri, 22:17: @desperance Forgot to ping you this earlier: Neto's Market & Grill, 1313 Franklin Street, Santa Clara
  • Fri, 22:58: Interesting how self monitoring tech changes behaviour. I don't see enough steps on my FitBit, I go for a walk.
  • Fri, 23:10: Currently just under 16000 views short of the magic million on my Flickr stream. That's a lot of people rifling through my shoebox!
  • Fri, 23:56: RT @Karen_Friar: Don't miss @lucysherriff 's series on graphene - it's brilliant. Latest article: 10 weird things about graphene: http:/ ...
  • Sat, 01:18: I think things may have gone a little too far if your #palinemail coverage is "Not many mentions of our location". Not really much point...
  • Sat, 01:38: Tanked:
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