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Reorganising for 2003: first steps

I've always been one for the status quo. Why do I need to change something I do if it works?

Sure, it may not be the best way to do something, but it's not broken under me, and I'm sure it will carry on working just the way it used to tomorrow. But I promised marypcb that I'd look at my banking arrangements, as by sticking with one of the big high street banks I was losing quite a bit of possible interest on my current account every year...

So I have just finished filling in the forms for a new current account with the online banking arm of a building society that became a bank, which will let me run my accounts from this PC, and is offering about 30 times the interest my current bank gives me - and it will handle moving all my standing orders and direct debits over to the new account from the old bank...

Next: The big question. What to do with my savings?

But at least I've got cahoot...
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