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  • Sun, 18:07: Have comitted chocolate orange brownies in someone else's kitchen. Will they work?
  • Sun, 18:11: The more I think about superinjunctions, the more I think it's the press fuelling the cult of celebrity. Prurience, not public interest.
  • Sun, 18:14: @tarranmv And we're not there to show you the best bits!
  • Sun, 18:27: @DrPizza It's still not "news". It's just pointless prurient rubbish.
  • Mon, 06:42: So, is a t-shirt for an event that hasn't happened yet a pre-shirt? 'cause I have one.
  • Mon, 06:43: Another good day at Maker Faire. Need new feet now!
  • Mon, 07:54: Huzzah! I have the new Michael Swanick, a Darger and Surplus novel at last. Post-singularity SF capers at their finest.
  • Mon, 08:12: So today I went to the Machine Of Death. My card reads "Fed Up Barista". Uh oh. That's a hard one for a journalist... #machineofdeath
  • Mon, 08:24: The White (And Yellow) In The Blue
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