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  • Sun, 03:28: A good day at Maker Faire. Crafts and innovation, with a touch of fire! Also garlic fries. Heading back tomorrow for more techno fun.
  • Sun, 03:29: Bumped in to @DavidBrin1 at Maker Faire, waiting to give a talk after @philmckinney. Small world!
  • Sun, 03:56: RT @davepell: The rapture just pivoted. It's now a mobile, social, deals, photosharing startup with a valuation just north of $100 million.
  • Sun, 03:57: RT @ckindel: I am convinced the only reason people are still using Emacs is nobody can remember how to exit out of it.
  • Sun, 05:04: Disappointed to see that poorly researched, minor Willis won out over much better books in the Nebulas. But hey, I'm not a voter!
  • Sun, 05:06: I'm probably biased against the Wilis as I find her time travel novels poor depictions of both Oxford and London, written by map
  • Sun, 05:08: But still, the Jubilee and Victoria Lines running in WWII London? Three hours to walk from Euston to Oxford Street? WTF?
  • Sun, 09:04: RT @marypcbuk: High-speed fire in slowmo: flowers of flaming propane by the Flaming Lotus Girls at #MakerFaire
  • Sun, 09:05: RT @marypcbuk: You can't really tell this is high-speed slowmo till the huge gouts of flame start: more Flaming Lotus #makerfaire http:/ ...
  • Sun, 09:06: Drove a Volt today at Maker Faire. Lovely car. Want!
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