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  • Thu, 18:59: Thak goodness for a pen on this tablet PC. I get to sign things properly...
  • Fri, 00:35: Another thought on the Facebook data centre news - they've explicitly said in the past that they have not optimised for virtualisation.
  • Fri, 00:36: Sun is out, the wind is blowing. What a lovely spring day in the city by the Bay.
  • Fri, 00:51: ZDNet UK blog post: Business travel essentials; a good phone headset #zdnetuk
  • Fri, 07:05: Back up down the bottom of the Bay after a day of meetings and briefings up in the city. Much interesting at Dell...
  • Fri, 07:31: Hmm. Has disapeared off the web? Not getting DNS for any of our addresses...
  • Fri, 07:40: OK. Have got into one of our machines back home, and not seeing anything from that end of things either.
  • Fri, 07:44: @budleysalterton Wizards DNS seems down - any ETA for it coming back?
  • Fri, 08:20: I have an ancient Birman licking my foot. It tickles.
  • Fri, 08:25: Bye bye Kermit:
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