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My tweets

  • Mon, 21:47: Silicon Valley again. So time for brunch at Hobee's. Nothing says Valleytime louder than that...
  • Mon, 22:11: And now in the Camden Peets, writing about usability. Back in the old Valley haunts. Doesn't seem like we were home at all!
  • Mon, 22:48: Getting to mention @scottmccloud in a piece I'm writing on usuability. Priceless. "Understanding Comics" as semiotics of design...
  • Mon, 22:51: Sun on Mount Umunhum. Springtime!
  • Mon, 23:04: Where are all those IT pros going to browse job adverts on a Thursday lunchtime now? Bye bye Computer Weekly.
  • Mon, 23:44: @mthiele10 "Cloud in a box", eh? I remember when you could buy the whole Internet in a box.
  • Mon, 23:45: RT @maryjofoley: Microsoft releases Windows Thin PC public test build: http://zd.net/hqmdv8
  • Mon, 23:50: RT @superglaze: Nokia has a new font. It's like rearranging the typography on the Titanic. http://bit.ly/eMmxJH
  • Tue, 00:03: At El Reg, me on desktop provisioning: http://bit.ly/hjkIWA
  • Tue, 00:35: RT @lsmarr: A gorgeous 2 billion pixel image of a Cayman coral reef shown on the 300 million pixel Calit2@UCSD HiPerSpace wall http://tw ...
  • Tue, 16:06: Ah, at long last iegallery.com is live. Need to explore it later...