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  • Wed, 13:19: Really enjoying The Horn, Art Of Trance's return after too many years away from the music scene. Spotify link here:
  • Wed, 14:48: Dear fellow journalists. If you wipe a review PC, make sure you use the restore disks. Or at least leave them in the box. No love, me.
  • Wed, 18:17: Have been told that is dues to go live later today, for tracking protections list downloads...
  • Wed, 19:34: Pretty impressive numbers - IE9 was downloaded 2.35 million times in the first 24 hours.
  • Wed, 20:01: RT @marypcbuk: why (oh why oh why) does #wp7 make a new My Documents folder on Skydrive instead of using the existing Documents folder? ...
  • Wed, 20:06: An Art Of Trance Spotify playlist. Just because:
  • Wed, 20:15: When did Facebook comments become a realtime chat? Impressed by how they're working now.
  • Wed, 20:25: Dating myself by reminiscing about taping 12" ZTT mixes off of Annie Nightingale's Sunday Night Radio 1 show. Kids these days...
  • Wed, 20:56: RT @mikkohypponen: Hidden message found etched on one of the chips in Samsung Galaxy tablet: If you can read this, ...
  • Wed, 22:20: If you're annoyed by lack of new lines in the new Facebook commenting system, no worry - shift-enter works just fine!
  • Thu, 09:44: Getting Twitter wierdness this morning. Moble clients seem to be an hour behind the stream. Anyone else seeing this?
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